Google has once again broken the mold with it’s newest physical web creation, Nearby Notifications. Nearby Notifications is a new feature on Android devices which makes them capable of receiving Eddystone beacon notifications without an app. The new feature is standard on all new Androids and devices running Kitkat 4.4 and above. Once again, Google has found an innovative way to provide information to the public and made it available to all.

The average person looks at their phone over 150 times a day. With this new device, more than half of the people you come within 100 yards of will receive your message. This is going to change your marketing budget and explode your bottom line.

Why is this technology growing faster than a prairie wildfire? It’s very simple, beacons are versatile and they work.

Here are some of the benefits of beacons and proximity marketing:

  • Customers are already looking at their phones

75% of consumers use their mobile phones while they are shopping. Rather than hoping your ad is found on a busy social media feed, push notifications alert consumers when they are nearby and more likely to make a purchase. Here’s some interesting numbers to consider.

(1) The average click through rate (CTR) for a Facebook ad is 0.119%, according to a recent Wordstream report

(2) The average click through rate (CTR) for an email is 1% to 3%, according to a recent report by Mailchimp

(3) The average click through rate (CTR) for beacon based push notifications can be as high as 80%, according to the data published by push notification technologist Kahuna

  •  Beacons drive immediate conversions

Proximity marketing encourages purchase behavior and brand relationships. People are more likely to make a purchase when they are nearby or in a store. In fact, 82% of customers make their purchase decisions while in the store. Notifications are considered “hyper-relevant” when they are related to products or services a potential customer is near. An example of this would be a notification offering a 20% discount on women’s shoes transmitted to customers browsing the women’s shoe aisle. Location based notifications increase sales rates where they are used, in some cases by as much as 24%.