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Aiden Carey

Aiden Carey

Aiden is a Memorial University of Newfoundland grad, and his mining career spans 25 years, a host of various metals including Gold, Iron Ore, Lead-Zinc, Platinum Group Metals, Coal, and Copper, and includes Leadership experience at every level from Supervisor through to Executive roles. Aiden joined The Professional Supervisor Program in 2014, believing strongly that this is an industry best Program with great potential.

The Program matches Aiden’s Leadership style really well, and here are three Leadership areas he has focused on:

  1. Safety: Aiden has improved safety in every assignment, and did this through active work on both systems and culture.
  2. Business Improvement: Aiden has considerable success improving processes, collective performance, and costs with all the expected results. This work has been extremely rewarding, and helps develop teams along the way. People are drawn to success, and using success as a positive reinforcement tool leads to yet more future success.
  3. Developing people: Our business at its core is a people business. Focusing on the success of people, and the development needs and desires of people, is a great Leadership trait. Playing even a small role in people’s success is also highly rewarding.
    Aiden continues to be active with technical consulting and Leadership Consulting, and The Professional Supervisor Program is being delivered on an ongoing basis.
Wray Carvela

Wray Carvela

Wray is an authentic people-oriented leader who transforms organizations and gets bottom line results. His focus and energy enable leadership teams find their true sense of purpose and deliver exceptional results.

Wray has 25 years of leadership experience. He has managed complex projects and grown businesses across multiple jurisdictions both organically and through M&A transactions. With his people focused approach, Wray is able to unleash talent and potential in teams so that they can deliver their business objectives.

As the CEO of a global engineering firm, Wray, together with his team, developed and successfully implemented a strategy to globalize the business and double its enterprise value, growing share value by 130% and revenue by 70%. They optimized the business to achieve both organic growth as well as expansion through M&A deals. He transformed the business from an inward focused private company to one which is poised for an IPO. He led 4,500 employees on five continents creating a strong values-based corporate culture.

Wray improves business profitability through:

  • turning vision into strategy implementation;
  • empowering people to transform organizations;
  • unearthing talent and developing leaders;
  • identifying M&A opportunities and integrating companies;
  • leading projects;
  • optimizing operations; and
  • creating and implementing safety programs.
Jim Decker

Jim Decker

Jim is a 1970 Queen’s Mining Engineering graduate who has worked in Leadership positions across Canada and internationally, notably El Cerrejon in Columbia.

In 1991, Jim co-founded The Professional Supervisor Program, in connection with Queen’s University at that time. Jim’s, and industry typical experience, was to complete a technical program and then nearly immediately be tasked with leading people with no formal Leadership training of any kind. Many others are promoted based on some technical competency level, again without any Leadership training at all. This Program was created out of that reality to address this issue, improve performance of people in Leadership positions, and increase the likelihood of success for people who have been promoted into Leadership positions.

From 1991 to 2020, under Jim’s Leadership, the program has seen approximately 5,500 people come through it from all over the world. Jim has taken a few years to complete succession planning, and the Program now continues into the future under Aiden’s Leadership.

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