Let Us Make Your Website Work Like It’s Supposed To.

It’s good practice to update your WordPress software and plugins on a regular basis to maintain security.  Keeping regular backups of your site is also good practice in case it gets hacked or infected with a virus.  If all this sounds like to much work to you, then let us at PowerPages.ca handle it for you.  We have WordPress website maintenance packages to suit your needs and budget.


We back up your WordPress core files, plugins, and uploads files on a monthly basis.  Making it easy to re-install if crash or hack occurs.  All backups are stored independent of your hosting environment for an added layer of security.


Much of the functionality within WordPress is the result of plugins that add functionality like contact forms, special formatting, multi-lingual capabilities, etc.  These plugins should be updated regularly for security purposes and the latest functionality.  We update these plugins as they are available throughout the month.


Be default, there are many vulnerabilities that a hacker may exploit.  With security lock-down we close the weak links and also regularly monitor your site for brute force attacks and take corrective action.


If your plan includes development hours we’ll do minor updates and fixes at your request.  This includes phone and email support and troubleshooting up to the development hours included in the plan.  Unused development hours do not carry over from month to month.  If development time is exceeded extra time will be billed at the hourly rate included in the plan. On demand development hours are billed at $45 per hour, with one of the plans, you get a discounted hourly rate.


All your site content is stored in a MySQL database.  If the database gets corrupted or hacked  it needs to be restored.  We’ll keep a weekly backup of your MySQL database.  All backups are stored independent of your hosting environment for an added layer of security.


The core WordPress install is updated at least a few times a year and more frequently if a security flaw is identified.  We keep your WordPress core up to date so that chances of a security breach are minimized.


If your plan includes site restore.  If your site crashes or gets hacked for any reason, we’ll restore to the latest backup for free.


The monthly reporting option includes traffic stats, security block stats, update reports on themes, plugins, backups, and core updates.

Website Care Packages Plan Components:

Why Website Maintenance Plans and Care are Important for Your Website Success

Website maintenance plans and care are now an integral part of website ownership. Because just like your iPhone or tablet, the software of your website needs to be updated. It requires care and maintenance to keep your website working properly. Hoping for the best where website maintenance and care is concerned is like hoping that your car won’t need an oil change. You wouldn’t be able to drive your car for very long if you didn’t take care of it and provide it with the regular maintenance that it needs. The same is true for your WordPress website. Your website should always be up and running, ready for customers and presenting your business at its best.

Websites Are Not “Set it and Forget It” Anymore

If your website isn’t being cared for every month, you may actually be wasting money by throwing it out the window. When potential customers come to your website and find that things are wrong with it, they usually do not stick around. Many website owners do not check their website on a regular basis. They do not know how it is functioning. Missed or overlooked issues or downtime can leave the wrong impression. Even worse, it could cost you a customer.

It Will Cost More to Fix Than to Maintain

The approach of “I’ll get to it when I can” and a general lack of knowledge about website architecture can damage the look and functionality of your website. When that happens, you will be presented with a problem and two choices.

First, you could try to fix it yourself. In this approach, you may end up doing further damage.

Or, you can choose to pay someone experienced (a hefty price, now that your site is “broken”) to fix it. Just like most things, it costs more to fix it than it does to maintain it properly.

Regular oil changes help keep your car running in tip-top shape. Regular website care and maintenance will help to keep your website running in tip-top shape, too.