Proximity marketing will help find clients instead of asking them to find you. Simply place one of our beacons in the house or within 70 meters of the road and trigger notifications directly to potential clients who have Bluetooth enabled phones. They will get a notification to find out more or schedule a tour directly from your information page. It’s spontaneous and easy and they don’t even need to download an app to receive notifications. No more remembering to print out property information sheets. You’ll be able to deliver home details in vivid color directly to their phones. How it Works The concept with proximity marketing is that the beacons initiate contact with the home buyer instead of requiring the buyer to perform an action first. The notification a buyer receives on his/her smartphone from the beacon simply instructs the buyer to see the listing. The realtor has complete control of what content is displayed by the beacon. One click on the notification opens a the realtors information page, complete with agent contact detail and a “Contact Now” button. I’d love to talk to you … no obligations! Would you like to learn more? I love talking to people, even more I love to help people with their business. If you would like to chat, send me a request so we can set up a time that is mutually beneficial. If you are local to Ottawa, possibly we could even get together for a coffee. Not interested in Proximity Marketing but need web design services? can help with that too.