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Eddystone Beacon for Proximity Marketing:

Beacon market has emerged a lot in last 3-5 years of life span and people have started taking it seriously. Nowadays everyone in the Marketing industry are using beacon for broadcasting their marketing messages to the customers via their Bluetooth and publish the new offers which they have or for their customers.

Eddystone has brought spotlight on itself by making everyone concentrating on themselves as they have beacon technology implemented into the Google Chrome itself. It does not require any Beacon App to be installed in the phone for broadcasting their messages. Google Chrome itself receives the notification messages from the beacon, reads it and slides in the notification to the Phone

Users do not need to have apps installed on their phones anymore and almost everything will run by Eddystone. Beacon can send the message up to 100meter range (Size of one Football Stadium) and gets the notification on the mobile screen whichever user have broadcasted..